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df dementia friendly Rock County is becoming Dementia Friendly!

Have you seen this symbol in a local business and wondered what it meant?

If not, you might look for them as you go about your daily routine. This symbol on the door indicates that the business is “Dementia Friendly” and their employees have been trained to show more under-standing for customers who have memory problems or other difficulty with their thinking.

These employees have been trained to recognize signs when someone is struggling to understand or communicate and they have been educated how to better serve them.


More “Dementia Friendly” symbols are popping up throughout Rock County. The dementia friendly movement is helping people begin to understand dementia and the needs of those living with its challenges. This is an ongoing effort and more businesses have joined to raise awareness and support their citizens living with dementia as well as their caregivers.

These businesses have successfully become Dementia Friendly in Rock County.

The ADRC provides FREE training for businesses... call 608-741-3615 for more information.

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