Calling 911

Dispatch Operations RoomWhen to call 911...

You should call 911 for any emergency.

What is an emergency?

An emergency is any immediate threat to life and/or property that requires immediate response from police, fire or EMS. Some examples of emergencies are crimes in progress, any kind of fire or a serious injury or illness. If you are not sure if an incident falls into an emergency classification, feel free to call 911 when an immediate response is needed.

What happens when I call 911?

A highly trained, professional 911 telecommunicator will answer your call to 911. We strive to answer all 911 calls within two rings. Depending on the nature of the call, you will be asked to answer a series of questions. PLEASE LISTEN CAREFULLY AND ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS! The telecommunicators are trained to ask certain questions for certain incidents. Even though some questions may seem petty, they are very important questions used to provide the highest level of public safety response. Please do not hang up until you are told to do so.

What questions will I be asked?

                  Where is the incident taking place? Where is the patient? Where are you?
What are you reporting? What kind of illness or injury?
Who is involved in the incident? Who needs an ambulance? Who are you?
When did this happen? Is it in progress?
Does anyone involved have access to any weapons?
            What telephone number can you be reached at if we need to call you back?

While the call taker is asking you these questions, they are also entering the information into the computer aided dispatch (CAD) system, which allows another dispatcher to instantly process the call and send help.

What happens if I call 911 and hang up?

If the Rock County Communications Center receives a “911 hang-up” call from any residence/business within Rock County, our policy is to enter a call for an officer to respond. This is for your safety, as we have no way of verifying over the phone if you truly are okay. The telecommunicator will attempt to call the number back and verify an emergency. If the call is connected and the telecommunicator gets hung up on, for whatever reason, an officer will be sent.


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