Rock County Caregiver Resource Network

Vision Statement
“Opening doors to community caregivers”

Mission Statement
"Rock County Caregiver Resource Network is dedicated to providing awareness, education, support, advocacy and resources to facilitate community partnerships for caregivers."

A caregiving resource network is a community of representatives that has come together to address the needs of family caregivers across the lifespan. These networks support all with information and referral services, educational outreach and advocacy.

A caregiving resource network presents a united voice working to meet the complex social, medical, physical, financial, spiritual, and emotional needs of caregivers.

By bringing caregiving issues to the surface, the network validates caregiving and the challenges caregivers face; empowers caregivers and care recipients by helping them identify and access resources; provides choices; works to decrease barriers to services; advocates for caregivers; and assists people in identifying themselves as caregivers.

The network also assists relevant service agencies by providing referrals and recognizing similar missions among agencies and supporting their efforts. The network also provides an opportunity for collaboration among caregivers and professionals working with them. These efforts are all for the sake of improving the quality of care and quality of life of both caregivers and their care recipients.

How Can the Rock County Caregiver Resource Network Help?

What A Local Resource Network For Caregiver Support Can Do:

  • Provide advocacy, information, education, community awareness, and networking of community partnerships
  • Provide more information and ways of disseminating information
  • Respond to community needs and provide for needs of caregivers now and in the future
  • Improve public and private nonprofit collaboration
  • Consolidate and share information
  • Minimize overlapping services from agencies with common missions
  • Assist caregivers locally in culturally and ethnically diverse areas
  • Ease the burden of referring
  • Improve service delivery
  • Reduce barriers to service
  • Provide a forum to exchange issues and information
  • Develop and share advocacy campaigns
  • Create a mechanism for easy access to resources
  • Strengthen and unite existing resources, information, and people
  • Promote awareness of caregiving and its challenges

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