Civil Process Office - Writ of Replevin (Repossession)

A Writ of Replevin is a court order to regain personal property held or retained by another.  It usually involves a bank or lending institution to recover collateral (cars, trucks, mobile homes, boats, campers, furniture, etc.). 

A Writ of Replevin can only be acted upon by the Sheriff’s Office.  The Writ has to be issued in Rock County, or if issued by another court, then docketed in Rock County.  The Writ itself is only good for 60 days.  A Judge, Court Commissioner, or Clerk of Courts must sign it.  The Writ must have the case number, be dated, and sealed by the court.  The Writ must contain a description of the property to be recovered.

The Sheriff's Office requires a Bond to Indemnify the Sheriff.  The bond must be for one and a half times the value of the property to be recovered.

If the property is being held in a building or fenced area, the Sheriff’s Office may require a Warrant to enter that area.  An attorney must draft that Warrant. 

The Sheriff’s Office will need instructions on how to get the property recovered back to you.  We will not transport most property.  We will only allow local towing companies to take vehicles and wheeled property.  We will need to know where the property should be delivered to within our county.

The more information given will assist the Sheriff's Office in returning the property sooner. 


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