Community Corrections - Work Release (Huber Law)

Work Release Office
3506 N Hwy 51
Building B
Janesville, WI  53545 

Phone:  (608) 757-7989
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Hours of Operation 
 Monday - Friday
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Craig Weberg
Craig Weberg

Work Release, commonly known as the Huber Law, is a court-ordered privilege that allows sentenced inmates to leave the jail for work, childcare/eldercare, schooling, or treatment.  The Rock County Sheriff’s Office administers the Work Release Program under a strict set of rules.  Treatment and childcare/eldercare privileges must be specifically stated in the inmate’s court commitment in order to be allowed release for those privileges.  The inmate’s preparations that are made prior to incarceration will determine the inmate’s ability to exercise the Work Release privileges in a timely manner.

  • Items Allowed in Work Release 
    • The inmate should bring with them certain items that are allowed in the Work Release Facility.
    • Our storage space is very limited, so only the following items are allowed:  Three (3) sets of work clothes, three (3) sets of underclothes (including underwear, socks, plain white t-shirts without writing or pockets, bras (without under wire), one pair of shoes, any necessary Huber paperwork, and room and board money, purse/wallet.
    • The inmate is supplied with a property bag to keep these items in. 
    • The inmate should bring with them any prescription medication that will need to be taken while incarcerated.  The prescriptions must be in the original container and will be verified by the jail medical staff. 
  • Items Not Allowed in Work Release 
    • Inmates should not bring any tobacco products, lighters, matches, mechanical devices (including cell phones or musical devices), or food items. 
    • These items will be considered contraband and will be disposed of by jail staff. 
  • Employment Verification 
    • Upon arrival at the Work Release Facility, the inmate will be given a work verification form.  This form must be filled out completely and turned into the Work Release Office. 
    • All employment must be verified, which may take some time if your employer is not available.  Keep in mind that no Work Release Officers are available on weekends or holidays and the Work Release office does not verify employment prior to incarceration. 
    • If it is necessary for the inmate to get out early the morning after the inmate’s turn in date, it is recommended that the inmate turn themselves in earlier than the assigned time of 1:00PM.  It is not a guarantee that the inmate will get out for work right away. 
    • The Work Release Office has the right to verify employment within 48 hours of arrival, but will do so at their earliest convenience.
    • The inmate will be allowed to be out of the Jail for work/school/childcare/eldercare for a maximum of twelve (12) hours per day and six (6) days per week.  The amount of time allowed out will be determined by the Huber Office and the request by employer. 
    • Inmates may work in Rock County or any Wisconsin county bordering Rock County without a court order.  A court order is required to work outside of the state or beyond a bordering county. 
  • Job Searches / Medical Appointments
    • The inmate may be allowed up to one (1) job search per week.  A Social Security Card and Wisconsin Identification card or Driver’s License are required and must be in the inmate’s possession in order to be released for a job search. 
    • There are application request forms available in the units for the purpose of obtaining application forms from local businesses. 
    • The inmate will be allowed to job search at those businesses that require applications to be filled out at the business, including temporary agencies.  The inmate should bring with them information on past work experiences, addresses, phone numbers, and dates of employment.
    • The inmate will be allowed to attend medical appointments if they are found to be medically necessary.  Yearly physicals and dental cleanings are not allowed.  Inmates with Work Release are responsible for the cost of all medical care.
  • Transportation
    • It is the responsibility of the inmate to provide the jail staff with accurate transportation information. 
    • If the inmate plans on getting a ride, they must include the driver’s name, address, phone number, and vehicle description. 
    • Anyone picking up an inmate from the Rock County Work Release facility must have a valid driver’s license.  If the inmates will be driving themselves, they must bring in a valid driver’s license, vehicle registration, and proof of insurance. 
    • Personal vehicles can be parked on Rock County property if inmate provides proper documentation to drive.  The inmate must be employed to be able to park on Rock County property.
    • The Janesville Transit System (JTS) is available as a source of transportation.  The use of the JTS will be left to the discretion of the Work Release Office.  This will depend on the projected destination and allotted time allowed.  Inmates will not be allowed to use JTS for work searches.
    • Huber inmates will be charged $120.05 per week, $17.15 a day.  Working Huber inmates will be required to pay $152.00 before they are released for work.  This amount includes a $32.00 processing fee.

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