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District 04

District 04

  • Town of Johnstown
    Town of Lima Wards 1, 2
    Town of Harmony Ward 5
    Town of Fulton Ward 4
    Town of Milton Wards 1, 2, 3, 4
  • mawhinney.jpg
    Mary Mawhinney
  • 17 S Scharine Road
    Avalon, WI 53505
  • Phone:  608-883-2419
  • Email:
  • Elected in 1998
  • Committees
    Finance, Chair
    County Board Staff
    Planning & Development
    Land Information Council

Form of Government

The Board of Supervisors operates under a committee system and county administrator form of government.

Meets twice monthly and on special occasions as required.

Exercises policy supervision of County activities through its committee system.

Adopts the annual County Budget and establishes a tax rate for the support of County services.


29 Supervisors are elected by district, for a two-year term, on a non-partisan basis.

No county officer or employee is eligible to be a County Supervisor.

A Supervisor may also be a member of a town board, city common council, or village board of trustees.

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