Office Hours

During the fall and into November, it is anticipated that, depending on the weather, the County Surveyor will be spending up to 3 days per week in the field. Please note that the Deputy Surveyor is scheduled in the office on Tuesdays and Thursdays; please try to plan any on-site research accordingly and/or call in advance. Office hours are noted on the right side of the page.

Records Modernization Update
As of September 5, 2014, all “M” surveys and all “S” surveys within platted subdivisions have been scanned. Only a portion of O.P and A.P. surveys remain and they will be complete by the end of the year. During the last 6 months we have made roughly 16,000 additional records available on-line; that brings the total number of survey records available on-line to over 28,000.

In an effort to combine PLSS Survey Records and U.S. Monument Records into one chronologically sorted document available on-line, we have begun compiling PDF files and combining the same. Our web search tool will be modified once all files are combined and properly named; we anticipate completion sometime in mid-2015. In the meantime, as files become available we are sending them to the State Cartographer’s office, (SCO), and they’re making them available via their PLSS Finder tool. As of September 5, 2014 all coordinates we have, (WISCRS-Rock Datum), are available to precisions of 0.1 ft. on our website and can also be found on the SCO PLSS Finder site. They are intended to assist in corner recovery. As of September 5, 2014 combined tie-sheets for the Towns of Beloit & Rock are available on the PLSS Finder site and the Town of Janesville is in process.

Lastly, Rock County formerly had two courthouse buildings, (Janesville & Beloit), and the Surveyor’s office maintained two sets of Survey Records. The combined PDF files we’re creating will contain the Janesville Courthouse records only; we are doing this to manage file size under the assumption that the vast majority of records are identical. In a small amount of instances, discrepancies have been found and noted on the original records however, the PDF files are being created for convenience and any discrepancies that arise can be investigated by examining the original copies at our office.

Please Note

  • On-Line Surveys and Tie-Sheets in PDF format are available on this website.
  • Due to fieldwork, and other circumstances that take us out of the office, appointments should be made in advance.  

About the Surveyor's Office

The County Surveyor reports to the County Administrator and to the governing Planning and Development Committee.  The Surveyor is a voting member of the County’s Land Records Committee.

Rock County consists of twenty townships.  In 1833 Lucuis Lyon surveyed the southern boundary, which is the Wisconsin, Illinois state line.  In 1836 the final township was surveyed.  From 1840 to 1975, the County Surveyors’ position was elected and in 1975, the County Board changed it to an appointed position. 

The original government surveyors and their field notes may be found at the Wisconsin Commissioners of Public Lands.  


Contact Information

Rock County Courthouse
1st Floor Courthouse East
51 South Main Street
Janesville, WI  53545

Phone (608) 757-5658

Cell (608) 751-2778
Cell phone only utilized when in the field and not checked for messages daily.

8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
1:00 PM -   5:00 PM
7:00 AM - 12:00 PM
1:00 PM -   5:00 PM

* May be in and out of the office.
Appointments recommended.

County Surveyor
Jason Houle

Deputy Surveyor
Jada Vandergeest


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