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Not with your application. Applicants can bring their resume with them to their interviews.

The on-line job application process will take you through five steps:
Job Application
Agency Wide Questionnaire
Supplemental Questionnaire
Confirm Application
Certify and Submit.
After completing Step #4, Confirm Application, you can print a copy of your application before you press Confirm & Send Your Application.

Yes, employment with Rock County is contingent upon completion of an education/experience background investigation, and a criminal history check.

For some job classifications, employment is contingent upon the results of a physical examination, and/or drug test.

Rock County Human Resources utilizes a user-friendly on-line application process. You may apply on-line for any current postings by clicking the Apply button and following the prompts.

When you have completed your entire application on-line and have clicked on the Confirm and Send button, the next screen will acknowledge that your application has been received.

Candidates must submit an employment application and a supplemental assessment (if indicated). The applicant is responsible for submitting a complete Rock County application package. If the application does not demonstrate that minimum employment requirements are met, the candidate will not move forward in the selection process. Additional information will not be accepted after the closing date.

Every recruitment is different. The process can take several weeks depending upon the number of applications received, and the complexity of the selection process.

Open eligibility lists typically remain active for six months. However, Human Resources may either cancel a list earlier than six months, or extend the use of list longer than six months.

It is important that you show all your qualifying experience including any and all employment you have or had with Rock County. Qualifying experience is experience that meets the requirements as posted on each job announcement.

You can apply for each position once during each recruitment.

Usually about two weeks after your interview.

You will be notified by e-mail or letter of your progress in the recruitment process. Due to the volume of applications received for each job opening, and variations in the selection process being used for each job opening, notices may go out several weeks after the recruitment closing date. Please note that it is the applicant's responsibility to provide an accurate e-mail/physical address, and to notify the Human Resources Department of a change of address.

Yes, you need to submit a complete application for each position you are interested in. Each application is evaluated and scored separately based upon the specific recruitment.

Yes. It varies based on position.

Yes, each job posting shows a closing date. Applications must be received prior to close of business on that date.

The status of your application, scoring results, interview notification, testing dates and locations, or any other human resource related matter will be sent to you via e-mail or by letter. Should you have any further questions and need answers on the recruitment process, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions section of our website.

Rock County has established a set of requirements for each job classification that must be met in order to be considered for employment for that job title. Applicants who do not possess the minimum qualifications will not advance in the recruitment process.

You can use a computer with web access at many local agencies, including local libraries and community centers.

When you use our on-line application system, you can sign up for free e-mail with G-Mail, Outlook, or Yahoo!Mail. It only takes a few minutes to set up an account, just follow the prompts.

There is an on-line Help option that can help facilitate your application process. You can also contact the Applicant Help Line at 1-855-524-5627.

Late applications will not be accepted. Check our website regularly and apply for new jobs as soon as they are posted to avoid missed deadlines.

Requests for accommodation should be directed to the Human Resources Department well in advance of the testing date.

You can review our listing of job descriptions, and submit an on-line job interest form. Please note that we only accept interest cards on-line.

All applicants who meet the requirements for the position, including passing any associated examination process are placed on the eligibility list for that job title, typically for a six-month period.

All recruitments for Rock County include a testing component. This may be a written examination, an oral examination, a practical examination, an assessment center, a supplemental assessment, a skills assessment, or other applicable skills measurement test. The examination process measures differences between applicants in the knowledge and skills areas needed for a job classification. Applicants are scored based upon their education, knowledge and skills relative to each particular position. This enables the department to interview and hire the most qualified applicants.

Selected applicants are notified, and directed to contact the Human Resources Department to schedule an interview. An interview panel meets with the responding candidates evaluating them through a set of questions based on job-related requirements and departmental needs, and makes a recommendation for hire. Interviews are scored.

Depending upon the recruitment you apply for, the selection process may consist of a review of the application, a supplemental assessment rating, a written examination, or other scoring mechanism, and finally, a hiring interview.

You can review our job descriptions, which list the requirements for each position. You can assess your education and employment background against these requirements and decide if you think you are qualified for the position.

You can view information on benefits, including health and retirement, from our class specifications page. Just click on the benefits tab for the title you are interested in.

You can apply anywhere you can use a computer with Internet access. Just visit the Human Resources website.

Yes. Please note that Rock County does not pay for travel costs associated with interviews or examinations. Travel to our offices for examinations and interviews is at your own expense.

Applicants may be contacted to schedule an interview based upon their qualifications and requirements needed for the position (for example, typing, if it is required for the position). The Human Resources Department reserves the right to call only the most qualified applicants to the hiring interview.

An eligibility list is for a specific position and department.

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