Land Records

CourthouseThe Rock County GIS Web Site has been developed to provide geographic data and information to the citizens of Rock County as well as other public and private entities. Users may access, view, and query data and maps available within the Rock County GIS System. The data has been collected using a variety of methods including, but not limited to, field survey, global positioning systems (GPS), aerial (orthophoto) analysis, and COGO (coordinate geometry).

Information and data on this website has been developed by a number of departments within Rock County Government such as: Rock County Real Property Department; Rock County Planning, Economic, and Community Development Agency; Rock County Surveyor, Rock County Land Conservation Department, Rock County 911 Communications, Rock County Treasurer, Rock County Health Department, and Rock County Public Works Department. Some of the data may have originated from Federal, State, or other Local governments and institutions.

The accuracy of the data is of varying quality. It is the user's responsibility to determine if the data is suitable for their use. These accuracy variances should be considered relative to the proposed use. For high accuracy uses such as engineering design work, data should be developed from survey quality data.

The data contained within this website has been collected as part of the Rock County Land Records Modernization Plan and has been funded in part by retained fees from recorded documents in the Rock County Register of Deeds Office and The Wisconsin Land Information Program.

This web site includes both static and interactive maps.

  • Static maps are in Adobe .pdf format and viewable with Adobe Reader.

  • The interactive GIS map allows users to choose, display, and query various layers of information.

For a detailed description of the terms and conditions, see the terms and conditions link on the left.

It should be noted that all data and information displayed on this website is available in digital and hardcopy format, for a fee, from various Rock County offices.


  • Digital and hard-copy maps are available for purchase at some County offices.

  • For the page to work properly, "popups" should be enabled.

  • The "Interactive County GIS Map" does not contain any parcel data for the City of Beloit or the City of Janesville.


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