Tera O'Connor, Program Manager

Julie Butz, Program Supervisor
[email protected]

What is CLTS? Who is eligible?

CLTS is a Medicaid Waiver Program designed to serve children with long term support needs. CLTS provides funding for services to support children with Physical Disabilities, Developmental Disabilities, or Severe Emotional Disturbances who would otherwise be at risk for institutional level care.

Who do we call if we are interested, need more information, or want to apply for the program?

Eligibility screening and assessment for CLTS occurs through UW Waisman Center, CompassWisconsin: Threshold. The consultant can be reached at the number or email address listed below. The Waisman Center Threshold consultant works with families to learn more about CLTS programs and to complete the application process.

CompassWisconsin: Threshold-Consultant
Michelle Schumacher, MSW

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