Crisis Stabilization Services

Melissa Meboe, Program Manager
[email protected]

Jennifer Cummings, Supervisor
[email protected]

Crisis stabilization is a voluntary service that provides assessment, treatment planning, and case management to individuals with mental illness who are in crisis and may otherwise be placed in a more restrictive setting. This program is designed to be short-term by supporting the needs to stabilize while remaining in the community.

Crisis stabilization case managers assist individuals with accessing resources such as economic support, medical assistance programs, housing, psychiatric stabilization, continued assessment of psychiatric stability, medication supervision, assessing for side effects from medication, and linkage and follow to long term treatment providers.

Crisis Stabilization referrals come from Crisis Intervention, the adult hospital liaison, children's intake staff, and the crisis stabilization facility primarily.


Jail Re-Entry Stabilization Services

The Jail Re-Entry Stabilization services is a grant funded program to increase public safety by facilitating collaboration among the criminal justice, behavioral health and substance treatment systems to increase access to mental health and other treatment services for those individuals being released from jail in the community with mental illness or co-occurring behavioral health and substance use disorders. The case manager will assist those individuals with accessing economic support programs, medical assistance programs, housing needs, psychiatric stabilization services, including linkage to long term providers and medication monitoring.

Referrals for the Jail Re-Entry Program come primarily from a screening process utilizing a diagnostic screening tool upon being booked into the jail. This, along with a continued screening process, following the grant guidelines, eligible participants will be identified and asked if they would like to participate in the program.

The Jail Re-Entry Program is designed to be a short term service upon being released from jail with service up to 90 days.

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