Tera O'Connor, Program Manager

Liane Felton, Program Supervisor
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What is Family Crisis Services?

FCS is a certified behavioral health program under DHS 34 that employs licensed master level clinicians providing services from a systems perspective. Services are voluntary and provided based on the needs of the family at the level necessary to stabilize the crisis situation. Services are provided in the home and/or a variety of other locations. FCS could be utilized when the services needed are beyond what can be provided in the community by outpatient or another in-home provider due to an increased level of need (risk of crisis) identified by the family, referral source, and other providers. Services are designed to be short term, (60-90 days) to stabilize a crisis and link the client and family to community services.

FCS services are provided to families when a child/adolescent or caregiver is in crisis or at risk of having a crisis. The goal is to keep the child/adolescent in their family home, or the least restrictive placement possible and reduce the likelihood of placement or hospitalization of the child/adolescent.

Who is eligible?

FCS accepts referrals from all Divisions within Rock County Human Services as well as from the community. Once a referral is received, it is screened to determine the level of need. If the level of need is higher than what can be managed by community providers, it is assigned to a Family Crisis Therapist.


Family Crisis Intake
   Heather Helgestad 757-5275

Family Crisis Supervisor
   Liane Felton 757-5357

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