Harper's Place is a short term residential setting for individuals with mental illness which are in crisis and require stabilization within a structured setting that does not meet criteria for an inpatient hospitalization.

Admission for Harper's Place is initiated through the Crisis Unit, with an Intake Assessment being completed and then reviewed for appropriateness of placement with realistic obtainable goals during the individual's short term residential stay.

There are three main goals of Harper's Place for the individual which include:

1) alleviating the symptoms of clients experiencing a mental health crisis,

2) avoiding inpatient hospitalization of Rock County residents experiencing a mental health crisis by providing therapeutic services within a residential setting that appropriately meet clients' current needs for further stabilization that do not require an inpatient hospitalization, as well as providing a step down facility for clients as they are discharged from hospitals and institutes prior to returning to the community,

3) providing skills training, group therapy and establish community /resources linkages for the client as they integrate and return to their communities upon discharge from Harper's Place.

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