Probate Court

Under the supervision of the Circuit Court, the Register in Probate oversees the administration of estates, “testamentary” trusts, guardianships, and mental health commitments. The Register in Probate also makes and keeps records of proceedings; and maintains records of wills admitted to probate, wills for safekeeping, guardianships, and mental health commitments. 

Matters involving “living” or “inter vivos” trusts are handled in the Circuit Court through the Clerk of Courts, not through the Register in Probate Office.

PLEASE NOTE: The Register in Probate can not give you legal advice.  The information provided in this site is intended to serve primarily as procedural guidance.

What is Probate?  Probate estate administration is a court supervised process for the orderly transfer of a decedent's assets to those persons or entities entitled to receive them and may involve transfers under the laws of intestacy or transfers pursuant to a will which has been "admitted to probate" by the court.

We hope that this website will be of use to you concerning the various matters that come before the probate court and that the links provided will assist you in furthering your search for information on the probate court.


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