Civil Process Office - Legal Paper Service

The Rock County Sheriff’s Office Civil Process Office is responsible for serving several different kinds of legal documents.   A person or business that requests the sheriff’s department to serve any legal document must complete the Civil Process Worksheet or include a cover letter with instructions for service.  The worksheets are also available at the Sheriff's Office lobby. You are required to submit the Civil Process Worksheet or include a cover letter with the legal documents.  The worksheets are also available at the Sheriff’s Office lobby.  Any documents submitted without a completed worksheet or cover letter will be returned to the plaintiff.

A deposit, either by cash, check, money order, or an order of indigence must accompany legal papers submitted for service.  For information about service fees please review the Civil Process Fees.  To limit the number of attempts, the plaintiff should include as much information as possible about the person / business who they want served so that successful service can be accomplished on the first attempt.

Some businesses within Rock County will not allow the Sheriff’s Office to serve at their place of employment.  If service is required at a business, the plaintiff needs to contact the business owner / manager and seek their permission to have a deputy serve at the business.  The plaintiff needs to obtain a contact person, a phone number for this person, and the time it is best to have the defendant served.  This information should be documented on the Civil Process Worksheet or within the cover letter.

There are time limit considerations for all different legal papers.  Please refer to the Civil Process Service Timelines for those required limits.  It is recommended that the plaintiff allow sufficient time for service.  The civil process division handles hundreds of papers on a monthly basis and documents are usually executed with consideration to expiration dates.

If you have any questions about process, it is recommended you contact our Civil Process Office during the regular hours of operation, which is 8:00 am – 11:00 pm Monday through Friday at (608) 757-7996.


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