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The Rock County Sheriff's Office operates a Workender Program as a cost effective way to impose sentences on low risk offenders sentenced to Huber.Under the program, the inmate is required to Workenderserve a sentence on Tuesdays-Wednesdays (Midweek) or Saturdays-Sundays(Weekends) without disrupting their employment, childcare, or educational interests as an alternative to housing the inmate in the jail. The inmate will be required to serve their sentence by completing approved community service work details.

It is the policy of the Rock County Sheriff's Office to afford equal opportunity to participate in the Workender Program and to all qualified inmates and to ensure that individuals participating in the program are assigned to work for governmental, nonprofit, and charitable organizations during the Midweek or Weekend operations. A Rock County Sheriff's Office Correctional Officer will supervise Workender inmates during these work details.

WorkenderThe Workender Program is a component of the Community Corrections Bureau of the Correctional Services Division. The Rock County Sheriff's Office Workender Program is open to all sentenced inmates with a special emphasis on those individuals that are serving a sentence pursuant to an Arrest, Warrant, and Commitment (AWC). Inmates may also be court sentenced to the program or selected by the Workender staff if the inmate meets specific criteria.

Within 48 hours of being sentenced, Workender Staff will review all recently sentenced inmates who are sentenced with Huber and on an AWC. Once a list is compiled, Workender Staff will gather paperwork and interview the inmates on the list. If the inmate is selected and meets the criteria that inmate may be released that day and given a report day.

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The inmate will be given a midweek or weekend schedule to report to for their first day of work detail.The first day the inmate arrives for the program, Workender Staff will have them fill out remaining paperwork and give a brief orientation. If the inmate does not qualify for the program, a Workender Staff member will notify that inmate by a written notice describing in detail why there were disqualified.

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