Community Corrections - Electronic Monitoring

Electronic Monitoring Office
3506 N Hwy 51
Building B
Janesville, WI  53545 

Phone:  (608) 373-3880
       Fax:   (608) 373-3885    

Hours of Operation 
Monday - Friday
7:00 AM - 4:00 PM 

Electronic Monitoring Application Packet

The Rock County Sheriff's Office operates an Electronic Monitoring Program as a cost effective way to impose sentences on low risk offenders sentenced to Huber. Under the program, the inmate's residence becomes an extension of the jail.

The Rock County Jail Electronic Monitoring Program is an opportunity that is available to inmates that meet specific qualifications. The Electronic Monitoring Program is a change in housing assignment - not a right. This will allow the inmate to maintain family relationships and fulfill employment responsibilities more efficiently.

To be placed on the Electronic Monitoring Program, the inmate must be serious about serving their sentence in a cooperative, positive manner, and display a willingness to participate in any needed counseling or treatment.

At the discretion of the Diversion Program Supervisor, inmates selected for the program may do all or only part of their sentence on the program.  Electronic Monitoring inmates will be required to sign an agreement to follow all program rules.  Inmates who are not able to abide by rules of the Electronic Monitoring Program will lose the benefits the program offers and will be returned to jail to serve out the remainder of their sentence.

Within 72 hours of being sentenced and receiving the application packet, the inmate must contact someone from the Electronic Monitoring Program Office.  At that time the inmate will be given a date when the application needs to be dropped off by.

Electronic MonitoringIf the inmate is selected for the Electronic Monitoring Program, a staff member will make phone contact and schedule a date and time to come into the office to be placed on the program.  On the date that the inmate is scheduled to report for the program, they will also need to have a clear phone line available at their residence (no caller identification, dial-up internet, call waiting, etc.) for the program.  This clear phone line must be set up ahead of time.  Inmates must report clean and sober.  Inmates will be required to submit a urine test for drugs, as well as possible a breath test prior to being accepted into the program.  Failure to report clean and sober will result in the inmate beginning his/her sentence in the jail.

Inmates are expected to pay a fee for the program.  The daily fee is $16.88 per day.  There is a one time processing fee of $52.75, as well as a $5.00 fee for the drug test.  The inability to pay program fees will not preclude an inmate from participation in the Electronic Monitoring Program.

If an inmate does not qualify for the program, a staff member from the Rock County Sheriff’s Office will make contact with them and issue a date to report to jail.


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