The Rock County Ordinances were recodified in 2013.

On April 24, 2014, the County Board approved amendments to the Construction Site Erosion Control and Storm Water Management Ordinances. We are in the process of updating permit applications and other documents. If you are planning a projectcontact the Land Conservation Department to receive the updated information directly.

Rock County Code of Ordinances [pdf]   |   Permit and Plan Review Fee Schedule [pdf]

The following ordinances are administered by the Land Conservation Department. Include in parenthesis is the former chapter number and the new location in the recodifed ordinance.

  • Construction Site Erosion Control (formerly Chapter 27: now Chapter 4, Part 11)
  • Storm Water Management (formerly Chapter 28: now Chapter 4, Part 8)
  • Animal Waste Management (formerly Chapter 30, now Chapter 4, Part 9)
  • Non-Metallic Mining Reclamation (formerly Chapter 31, now Chapter 4, Part 10)
  • Citation (formerly Chapter 21, now Chapter 7)

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