Land Division and Development Ordinance

Chapter 4.1 - Code of Ordinances - County of Rock

The Rock County Land Division and Development Ordinance regulates all land divisions (creation of new lots usually for the purpose of ensuring a building site or transfer of ownership) and related development activities in unincorporated areas of Rock County.

Please refer to the Ordinance for further general information and the Applications/Permits/Fees page for further specific information on land division and related development activities regulated by the Ordinance.

One of the related development activities regulated by the Ordinance is the siting and location of buildings and accessory buildings. Prior to commencing construction of a building or accessory building, the property owner or his/her agent may be required to obtain a Building Site Permit from the Agency. The purpose of this Permit is to assure that the building/accessory building is sited in accordance with conditions of approval for the land division (if applicable) and the health and safety provisions of the Ordinance. Please refer to the Applications/Permits/Fees page for further information.

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