Mail Procedure

  • All Incoming and outgoing mail will be processed through the United States Postal Service.
  • All incoming mail intended for inmates should be addressed in the following manner:
         Inmate John M. Doe
    Rock County Jail
    200 East USH 14
    Janesville, WI 53545
  • All incoming mail envelope covers must be free of gang signs, drawings, graffiti, etc. If mail is received with extraneous markings, they will be marked refused and returned to the sender. Mail with lipstick or perfume will not be accepted.
  • All incoming mail is subject to inspection. The sender of any incoming mail that contains contraband, illegal substances, and/or items that threaten the safety and security of the Rock County Jail is subject to prosecution under Wisconsin State Statute 302.095 - Delivering Articles to Inmate.
  • Mail received for inmates who are no longer in custody will be marked "Return to Sender - No Longer in Custody."
  • All outgoing mail will be stamped "Mailed from the Rock County Jail." 


  • For security and control, inmates are allowed two (2) subscription publications, newspapers, books or magazines, to come to the Jail while they are incarcerated. Books must be soft covered.
  • The publications must come directly from the publishers or distributors. Any other reading materials will not be accepted.
  • Pornographic material or any other publications, which have been reviewed by the Jail administration and deemed inappropriate or presenting a security hazard, will not be allowed in the Jail.

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