Juror Information - Postponements & Excusals



  • The court understands that during the time you are requested to appear you may have previous commitments, such as a preplanned vacation or doctor's appointments. 
  • You may have valid reasons for an excuse. 
  • You must request to be excused in advance by calling and talking to the Jury Clerk. 
  • Please note: do not come to court and expect to be excused for any reason that you could have brought to our attention in writing or by calling prior to appearing.
  • The Jury Clerk's office phone number is (608) 743-2222; the office is located in the Janesville Courthouse on the 2nd floor.
  • All letters requesting to be removed completely from this panel must be submitted in writing before the start of your term. 
    • These requests should be sent to: 
         Rock County Clerk of Courts Office 
         ATTN: Jury Clerk
         51 S Main Street
         Janesville, WI  53545
    • Or you may fax the request to the Jury Clerk at (608) 743-2223.
  • Your letter will be given to one of the judges for review, and a response letter will be sent to you.

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