All tattoo and body piercing establishments in Rock County are licensed and inspected annually by the Rock County Health Department in order to reduce the risk of blood-borne diseases such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV.


What are the requirements for opening a tattoo and/or body piercing establishment in Rock County?
Prior to opening a tattoo or body piercing establishment, you will need to complete an application and pay pre-inspection and license fees. You must pass a pre-inspection prior to opening.

Do tattoo and body piercing practitioners need to be licensed?
All practitioners of tattooing or body piercing in the State of Wisconsin need to be licensed. State of Wisconsin Tattoo or Body Piercing License Information..

Application Materials


CDC/NIOSH Safety Information for Practitioners


Tips for Safer Tattoos and Piercings

  • The establishment should be clean and well organized. Never get a tattoo or piercing out of somebody’s home – you are putting yourself at risk and it is illegal in Rock County.
  • A current Health Department permit should be displayed
  • The practitioner should wash their hands and use new gloves before a procedure or when resuming a procedure after being interrupted
  • Skin around the procedure area should be cleaned
  • Only disposable single use razors should be used
  • Only pre-packaged single use needles should be used
  • Aftercare instructions should be discussed and provided in a handout
  • You can ask to see monthly sterilizer testing records and previous health department inspection reports

Public Pools


Public Swimming Pools

Many recreational opportunities exist in Rock County for residents and visitors including pools. Recreation activities are an excellent way for social interaction and physical activity needed for a healthy life style.

swimming poolPublic swimming facilities are licensed by the Rock County Health Department to ensure specific standards are met, to reduce the public health risk for accidents and exposure to communicable diseases. The Health Department conducts annual inspections on each licensed pool facility in Rock County.

Resources for Residents & Visitors

Pool Operator Resources

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Bed Bugs


 Bed Bug Information Packets







The Rock County Health Department online Permit Renewal system is available May 1 - July 14.  If you wish to pay your permit renewal online, visit the GovPay website below. 

For questions regarding your permit renewal, change of ownership, or if you are looking to open a new facility, please contact the Health Department at 608-757-5440 or 608-364-2010. 

 gov pay net
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