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Mediation is the best option to resolve child related issues when parents do not live together. In a confidential cooperative problem solving process, mediation is designed specifically to assist with re-organizing the child’s family as he/she transitions between Mom’s house and Dad’s house.

Our staff includes the Director/Mediator, a Secretary, and contractor mediators. All mediators have completed mediation training, had prior experience with families, and continue to participate in additional studies in the developmental needs of children.


Our Mission

Rock County Mediation and Family Court Services (MFCS) provides mandated services to separated, divorced, and never married parents of Rock County, WI who may need assistance in developing a mutually acceptable plan concerning physical placement (time) and legal custody (decisions) related to co-parenting the child/ren.

WI State Statute 767 mandates mediation on issues of legal custody (decisions) and physical placement
(time; previously called ‘visitation’). The Court requires the following in writing:

  • Legal custody (who makes the decisions)
  • Periods of physical placement (time with each parent)
  • Grandparent visitation
  • Child removal (moving with the child)
  • Other court actions affecting the family and involving children (Guardianship issues)

Mediation focuses on child-centered needs when parents do not live together

  • Co-Parent Counseling is available upon request
  • Home study evaluations provided with a Court order
  • Resource for other services available for parents and children
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