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The ADRC is a Dementia Capable Organization with highly trained professional staff who provides appropriate, competent, sensitive supports to the individual with dementia and their caregivers.

Memory loss is not an evitable part of aging, but if you or someone you care about are exhibiting symptoms such as those listed below, it's time to talk with someone about your concerns. The ADRC provides a services that not only helps those in crisis or those who can't manage, but also validates current experiences and can help with planning ahead and being prepared. Individuals can continue to see results from understanding the disease and being proactive in managing its impact. The ADRC is here to help!


Memory Changes
Symptoms That

Able to function independently and pursue normal activities, despite occasional memory lapses.

Difficulty performing simple tasks (paying bills, dressing appropriately, washing up); forgetting how to do things you’ve done many times

Able to recall and describe incidents of forgetfulness

Unable to recall or described specific instances where memory loss caused problems

May pause to remember directions, but doesn’t get lost in familiar places

Gets lost or disoriented,even in familiar places; unable to follow directions

Occasional difficulty finding the right word, but no trouble holding a conversation

Words are frequently forgotten, misused, or garbled; repeats phrases and stories in same conversation

Judgment and decision-making ability the same as always

Trouble making choices; May show poor judgment or behave in socially inappropriate ways

What The ADRC Offers*

Evidence Based Interventions that do make a difference!

Brief Cognitive Screen
A simple non-diagnostic tool that when scores positively can be shared with your physician for further assessment, diagnosis and treatment.

Memory Care Connections
A program that guides you, your family and friends in developing a plan to support caregiver.

Language Enriched Exercise Plus Socialization Program (LEEPS)
An exercise and socialization intervention for people in the early stages of dementia

Caregiver Support

*Note: In-home Consultations available

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