The following development activities, numbered below, require applications, checklists, and/or permits, per the Rock County Land Division and Development Ordinance [pdf] or agreements with Towns.

Prior to commencing construction of a building or accessory building, the property owner or his/her agent may be required to obtain a Building Site Permit from the Agency. The purpose of this Permit is to assure that the building/accessory building is sited in accordance with conditions of approval for the land division (if applicable) and the health and safety provisions of the Ordinance. Please read the relevant "Information" sheet before completing and/or submitting any application or checklist form (The forms can be completed and saved electronically). Building Site Permit Site Plans can be completed using the Building Site Permit Web App.

Please Email the Agency for further information.

For Land Division, please see the Real Property Lister's document How Dividing Property Affects Your Tax Bill.

The Rock County User Fee Schedule identifies the fees associated with the development activities identified above.