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The Rock County Health Department received a $150,000 grant to work with the City of Janesville to improve the health of Janesville residents by identifying the health concerns of citizens and using these health concerns to guide redevelopment strategies of abandoned or underused industrial or commercial properties. The presence of old and abandoned buildings can have a number of negative health impacts, including:

  • Lower property values
  • Poor housing conditions
  • Limited access to healthy foods, recreation, medical care and other services
  • High crime
  • Health problems such as lead poisoning and asthma
  • Lower life expectancy

By fixing up old buildings and attracting new businesses, Janesville will benefit from more jobs and more money for schools, roads and social programs. Neighborhoods will improve. Health will improve.

For more information about the City of Janesville’s Comprehensive Brownfields Program, visit the City of Janesville Redevelopment Program webpage.

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Project Updates

We have been busy gathering baseline data for the priority community health issues, so we can measure changes, good and bad, over time. It is still a work in progress, as not all of the data have been gathered yet, but here is a report with our work to date.

You can view a data summary of our river use survey, and a poster with some information about the water quality testing we did on the Rock River from May to September 2013. You can also look at maps showing all downtown restaurants and retail food outlets, and downtown vacant storefronts.

In addition, the City of Janesville has hired the SAA Design Group as their consultant for the Rock Renaissance Redevelopment & Implementation Strategy. They will be holding public meetings to gather ideas for the enhancement of the riverfront and downtown Janesville. For more information and stay up-to-date with their project, visit http://www.saa-madison.com/cc/janesville/overview.



(Re)Energize Janesville

The Health Department and the City still need your help! What isues are important to you? What changes would you like to see happen in Janesville?

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