Did You Know Rock County has a Rural Address Ordinance?

  • address sign smWhen installed, the red address sign should not be moved and must be maintained in such a way that it is clearly visible from the public road.
  • Replacement of an Address Sign due to fading, vandalism, theft or reckless driving is the Landowner’s responsibility.
  • Your property address will be used by local ambulance, fire and law enforcement services to locate your property address in case of an emergency, and by the U.S. Postal Service for the delivery of mail.
  • Rock County has jurisdiction for all orders of new and replacement signs needed within the Unincorporated areas of Rock County.

Rock County Rural Address Request Process

  1. The Land Owner contacts the Township for information on future address sign replacement projects.
  2. If no project is planned, the Land Owner contacts Rock County Planning Agency at (608) 757-5587
  3. The Land Owner submits the application/information along with the associated fee to the Rock County Planning Department.
  4. The Planning Department orders the new sign. Signs are installed on a quarterly basis. The Land Owner is encouraged to erect a temporary sign (if needed) until the new sign is installed.