Evictions done by the Sheriff’s Office are Court ordered with a Writ of Restitution or Writ of Assistance. Writs of Restitution are issued for landlord/tenant issues. Writs of Assistance are usually issued for foreclosure issues.

Most evictions start at 9:00 am, others start at 11:00am or 1:00 pm The Plaintiff, or agent of the plaintiff must be there along with whoever is removing the personal property.

For procedures the Sheriff’s Office uses for Writs of Restitution, please reference the Procedure for Eviction by Landlord [pdf].

When dropping off a Writ of Restitution to the Sheriff’s Office, you will need the Eviction Worksheet [pdf] filled out along with the Civil Process Worksheet [pdf].

Procedures for Writs of Assistance

  1. Upon receipt of the Writ, the Sheriff’s Office has 60 days to execute that writ, and return a report to the court. The Sheriff’s Dept will serve the Writ upon residents or by posting.
  2. If the residents fail to leave, the plaintiff or agent must book an eviction date with the Sheriff’s Office.
  3. Lock changing and posting No Trespassing signs are not required, but recommended after the eviction.
  4. There is a service fee, and a Writ service fee of $45/hour/deputy.
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