In 2014, The Rock County Sheriff's Office created the full-time Recreational Patrol Deputy Position.

The primary focus of this position includes boat and snowmobile enforcement, which are funded in large part by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources through a reimbursement program.


Boat Patrol

This Deputy is responsible for patrol/enforcement of Rock County lakes and the Rock River year round. During the patrol/enforcement season the bodies of water primarily patrolled are Lake Koshkonong and busy sections of the Rock River. Lake Koshkonong spans roughly 10,500 acres through Rock, Dane and Jefferson County.

During the summer boating season, This Deputy becomes busy with the enforcement of boating laws, investigation of accidents, and rescue operations.

boat patrol 1

Snowmobile Patrol

The Recreational Patrol Deputy is also responsible for patrol/enforcement of the 208 miles of marked snowmobile trails throughout Rock County during the snowmobile season. These trails allow residents and non-residents the opportunity to explore what Rock County has to offer. The primary goal of this enforcement is keeping the trails safe, by the enforcement of laws.

snowmobile patrol 1

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