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The Training Office is responsible for coordinating and scheduling all aspects of training for both the Correctional and Law Enforcement Services Divisions. The Training Office also oversees the college internship program, as well as employment recruitment. The information listed within this website will assist those college students interested in participating in a college internship program, or those individuals interested in employment with the Rock County Sheriff’s Office. 

There is one Sergeant assigned full-time to the Training Bureau. This Sergeant reports to Capt. Fell. However seventeen shift Sergeants, as well as eleven Field and eighteen Jail Training Officers, assist the Training Sergeant, in accomplishing our training mission. Moreover, the composition of the Training Office consists of the following: eight Deputies assigned as Firearms Instructors, five Deputies assigned as Defense and Arrest Tactics Instructors (DAAT), and three Correctional Officers assigned as Principles Of Subject Control Instructors (POSC).

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Training Office Coordinator
Sgt Troy Egger

Training Training Training


College Internship Program

The internship program is a means of supporting the development of students who are interested in careers in law enforcement and corrections. It provides a valuable observational experience to those students who participate in the program and produces candidates who are better prepared to make informed decisions about their prospective careers.

Application and Participant Criteria

Any interested college student must submit a letter to the Sheriff requesting to participate in the unpaid Internship Program. The student’s advisor must co-sign the request or provide approval under separate correspondence. Letters/correspondence should be mailed to:

Rock County Sheriff's Office
c/o Sheriff Robert D. Spoden
200 East USH 14
Janesville, WI 53545

The Training Office Sergeant will serve as the program contact person and will participate in the selection process of internship candidates. The Training Office Sergeant will oversee the administration of the program and will draft working schedules for those candidates selected to participate in the program. The following applicant criteria may dictate who participates in the internship program, subject to these guidelines and approval:

  • Students must be attending a four-year degree program in criminal justice or related field. Two-year program students and alternate degree majors may be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • It is preferred that students be at least in a junior standing at a 4-year college or have completed 45 credits at a 2-year college.
  • Students must have a 2.5 grade point average or higher.
  • Students must complete a background questionnaire and sign a release of information authorization for the purpose of completing a background investigation by Sheriff’s Office staff.

Application Processing

  • Applications must be submitted at least 90 days prior to the proposed start date.
  • The Sheriff reserves the right to refuse any internship without cause.
  • Approval or denial of an internship program applicant will be documented in a letter to the applicant and the applicant’s advisor.
  • Upon approval of the internship, the Training Office Sergeant will be assigned to administer the internship process.

Internship Guidelines

  • Interns will abide by all guidelines established in current Sheriff’s Office Policy 5.370 (Ride-A-Long) during the internship. Interns are to be observers only and will in no way interfere with officer activities.
  • Intern must read and sign the Memorandum of Understanding.
  • When documenting observations, interns may not use actual names and places for active cases.
  • Upon completion, the Training Office Sergeant will receive copies of all intern’s schoolwork produced.
  • Upon the direction of any officer, an intern may be asked to complete a witness statement if their observations are relevant to an observed event.
  • The Sheriff’s Office reserves the option to assign projects to interns without providing compensation. Projects could include staff studies, literature research, book reports, and other administrative work.


  • Assignments may vary in length and scope based upon Sheriff’s Office needs, academic requirements and the students schedule. Generally, the intern will be exposed to the following assignments:
    • Law Enforcement Services Division
      • Patrol – All 3 shifts
      • Detective Bureau
      • Civil Process/Warrants
      • Bureau of Identification (B of I)
    • Correctional Services Division
      • Jail Assignments – All 3 shifts
      • Court Services
      • Diversion

Job Recruitment

  • Those individuals interested in employment with the Rock County Sheriff’s Office are encouraged to frequently check the Human Resources website.
  • Any questions can be fielded by the Training Office Sergeant at 608-757-7941, or with the Human Resources Department at 608-757-5520.
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