The vast majority of survey records are available on-line and free of charge. Instructions for searching the database are provided below. If you need to perform on-site records searches, please call the Surveyor's Office at the number listed on this page to arrange an appointment.

PLEASE NOTE: Copies of Deeds, Legal Descriptions, Easements, CSM's, Transportation Plats and Subdivision Plats are all available in the Register of Deeds office. If assistance is needed with these records, please contact the Register of Deeds.

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About the Surveyor Division

The County Surveyor reports to the Planning Director and to the governing Planning and Development Committee and is a voting member of the County’s Land Records Committee. The Surveyor’s office is responsible for maintaining Rock County’s survey records and the County PLSS Survey Monuments. The Rock County Surveyor does not provide private land surveying services for the public, so please contact your local surveyor or visit Wisconsin Society of Land Surveyors for assistance with these services.

Rock County consists of twenty townships. In 1833 Lucius Lyon surveyed the southern boundary, which is the Wisconsin, Illinois state line. In 1836 the final township was surveyed. From 1840 to 1975, the County Surveyors' position was elected and in 1975, the County Board changed it to an appointed position.

The original government surveyors and their field notes may be found at the Wisconsin Commissioners of Public Lands.

Please Note

PDF files are provided as a convenience and are not intended as a substitute for an on-site public records inspection. Rock County assumes no liability, whatsoever, for using and relying solely upon on-line records. To date, over 42,000 documents have been searched, scanned, uniquely named, combined, saved and linked to the Surveyor database; users should assume that omissions exist as our Standard Operating Procedure, (SOP), was to perform QA/QC checks of 25-33% of the documents found, scanned and made available on-line.

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