Wisconsin Statute 74.69 and Rock County Board of Supervisors Resolution 90-1A-145

Payment is timely if it is

  • mailed in a properly addressed envelope with postage prepaid.
  • postmarked before midnight of the last day prescribed for making the payment.
  • is received by the proper official no more than 5 days after the prescribed date for making payment.

Written request for appeal must be filed

  • in writing with the county treasurer.
  • within 10 days of full payment of interest and penalty, but not later than December 1 of the year the tax was due.
  • stating the sole reason the payment was not timely was a delay or administrative error by the postal service.

The Rock County Deputy Corporation Counsel shall act on the request within 30 days after receipt of the request by the treasurer. The Deputy Corporation Counsel shall deem a late-postmarked payment timely only if the postal service indicates in writing that the particular piece of mail should have been postmarked timely.

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