This policy replaces the Financial Institute Error Correction Charge Policy approved by the Rock County Board of Supervisors Finance Committee on June 1, 2000.

On occasion a financial institution, mortgage company, tax service, municipality or individual informs the county treasurer that their payment was applied to the wrong real estate tax parcel due to incorrect information they provided with payment. The policy for requests for payment corrections due to errors in information provided will be as follows.

  • At no time will a request for a refund of payment be granted.
  • At no time will a request from an individual to remove payment from one parcel and reapply the payment to another parcel be granted.
  • Requests for payment corrections must be in writing from the original payor, must include the tax parcel number and amount that was applied incorrectly as well as the correct tax parcel number where the payment is to be moved/applied.
  • The requester must notify the taxpayers involved explaining the payment error and how it is to be corrected. Copies of the notification must be included with the request for payment correction.
  • Requests for payment corrections must be for payments made in the current tax year only. Requests for corrections will not be granted after August 31.
  • Financial institutions, mortgage companies and tax services must submit $50.00 for each parcel to be corrected prior to the correction being made.
  • Corrections will be applied with the date of original payment.
  • Any refunds generated by corrections will be made payable to original payor.
  • Financial institutions, mortgage companies, tax services and municipalities may be responsible for accrued interest and penalty.

Approved by Finance Committee on September 15, 2005

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