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Public Safety Communications Accreditation

The CALEA Public Safety Communications Accreditation Program is a voluntary program that provides communications centers with a process to systematically review and internally assess its operations and procedures. The program contains 212 standards incorporating the elements of:

• Organization
• Direction and Supervision
• Human Resources
• Recruitment, Selection, and Promotion
• Training
• Operations
• Critical Incidents, Special Operations, and Homeland Security

The standards are viewed as reflecting the best professional requirements and practices for a public safety communications agency both by CALEA and APCO (Association of Public Safety Communications Officials). Meeting these standards enables the Rock County 911 Communications Center to provide superior public safety communications to the agencies served as well as the citizens of Rock County.

The Rock County 911 Communications Center has been fully accredited by CALEA since July 2000, with on-site assessments by CALEA Assessors who objectively report back to the CALEA Commission. In July 2018 the Communications Center was awarded its 7th consecutive accreditation award.

accreditation photoCALEA Chairperson, Craig Webre; Operations Manager, Brian Becker; Communications Director, Kathy Sukus; CALEA Executive Director, Craig Hartley