The Library System Board shall consist of seven (7) voting members appointed by the Rock County Board of Supervisors. At least four (4) members, at the time of their appointment, shall be active voting members of library boards governing public libraries.  One of these shall be from the resource library, one from Beloit Public Library, and two shall rotate from among the other five libraries.,  Two members shall be from the Rock County  Board of Supervisors.  One member shall be at large.

Members Term Expires
Sherry Blakeley 12/31/2021
Eloise Paula Eager 12/31/2021
Adam Dinnes 12/31/2021
Jose Carrillo 12/31/2022
Supervisor Bill Wilson 12/31/2022
Annette Smith 12/31/2023
Supervisor Stephanie Aegerter 12/31/2023

2nd Wednesday - 6:00 PM