The Rock County Board of Supervisors established the Behavioral Health Redesign Steering Committee (BHRSC) in March 2012, to bring stakeholders involved with the behavioral health system together, on a regular basis, to discuss issues affecting the system, resolve problems, and plan for the future.

The aim of the BHRSC is to facilitate the implementation of a broad system quality improvement process that will lead to improved outcomes for Rock County residents experiencing mental illness and/or substance use disorders. Through the effort of this committee, these individuals will experience improved access to effective treatment and supports and decreased involvement in the justice systems.

The BHRSC will accomplish this through:

  • Developing a system of care that welcomes and inspires hope for those with co-occurring disorders and other complex needs.
  • Adopting the Comprehensive Continuous Integrated System of Care process (CCISC) to organize the system transformation effort.
  • Providing a forum for key stakeholders (public, private, consumers, families) to communicate and collaborate on system improvement action steps.
  • Organizing the effective use of data to conceptualize problems and identify priority areas to facilitate change.



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