The Rock County Board of Supervisors established the Behavioral Health Redesign Steering Committee (BHRSC) in March 2012, to bring stakeholders involved with the behavioral health system together, on a regular basis, to discuss issues affecting the system, resolve problems, and plan for the future. The aim of the BHRSC is to facilitate the implementation of a broad system quality improvement process that will lead to improved outcomes for Rock County residents experiencing mental illness and/or substance use disorders. Through the effort of this committee, these individuals will experience improved access to effective treatment and supports and decreased involvement in the justice systems.

Members Term Expires
Lance Horozewski Permanent
Greg Winkler Permanent
Commander Erik Chellevold Permanent
Supervisor Louis Peer Permanent
Billy Bob Grahn April 30, 2022
Patty Slatter April 30, 2022
Deputy Chief John Olsen April 30, 2022
Kelsey Cordova April 30, 2022
Tami (Lalor) Ellis April 30, 2022
Michelle Rose-Barajos April 30, 2022
Vacant April 30, 2022
Ken Robbins April 30, 2020
Tim Perry April 30, 2020
Ian Hedges April 30, 2020
Samantha Palan April 30, 2020
Kate Luster April 30, 2020
Vacant April 30, 2020
Judge Karl Hanson April 30, 2021
Linda Scott Hoag April 30, 2021
Laura Neece April 30, 2021
Lindsay Stevens April 30, 2021
Tricia Murray April 30, 2021
Michael Kelly April 30, 2021

Alternates Term Expires
Tera O'Connor (for Horozewski) Permanent
Jen Cummings (for Winkler) Permanent
Captain Craig Strouse (for Knudson) Permanent
Supervisor RIch Bostwick (for Peer) Permanent
Billy Bob Grahn (for Deupree) April 30, 2019
Brookelynn Fischer (for Slatter) April 30, 2019
Deputy Chief Terry Sheridan (For Olsen) April 30, 2022
Michelle Babilius (for Pelz) April 30, 2019
Vacant (for Ellis) April 30, 2019
Dan DeSloover (for Rose-Barajos) April 30, 2022
Kelly Klingensmith (for Pluymers) April 30, 2019
Vacant (for Robbins) April 30, 2020
Mary Cefalu, RN (for Perry) April 30, 2020
Vacant (for Hedges) April 30, 2020
Julie Lenzendorf (for Palan) April 30, 2020
Vacant (for Luster) April 30, 2020
Linda Garrett (for Rhodes) April 30, 2020
Judge Michael Haakenson (for Hanson) April 30, 2021
Bette Timble (for Scott Hoag) April 30, 2021
Bri Cox (for Neece) April 30, 2021
Laura Binkley (for Stevens) April 30, 2021
Jim Neitzel (for Murray) April 30, 2021
Officer Chad Woodman (for Kelly) April 30,,2021


Meets at 12:00 Noon
Third Thursday of the month

Rooms N1-N2
5th Floor Courthouse East