The Board of Health has policy supervision over the Health Department.  The Health Department includes the activities of the public health nurses, environmental health (including pollution control), and powers and responsibilities conferred by Wis. Stats. 251.02 and County Board policy.  The Board of Health shall also act as a liaison for community health planning.

Members Term Expires
Louis Peer, Chair April, 2022
Dr. Connie Winter, DDS, Vice Chair March 31, 2023
Tricia Clasen April, 2022
Shirley Williams April, 2022
Eric Gresens, R.PH March 31, 2023
Dr. Kaitlyn Meyers, DVM, MPH March 31, 2023
Danette Rynes April, 2022
Dr. Vijaya Somaraju, MD, MPH, FACP March 31, 2023
Debra Kolste March 31, 2023








1st Wednesday - 6:00 PM


2015 Board of Health of the Year Award