The primary purpose of the CCOP advisory committee is to assist in developing, reviewing, and approving the local CCOP plan and to monitor the program. It also informs and provides consultation to the administering agency. The committee looks at available supports and services as well as gaps for children with disabilities and their families. It encourages access to resources through private and public resources and parent to parent activities. The committee may also be involved in activities to increase and improve access to community based activities, resources, programs, and services.

The 11 member committee is comprised of: parents of children with disabilities, persons from the service area representing the county department, school districts, local health department, at lease 1 person providing community social services to children with disabilities, persons in the service who provide social or education services to children who have disabilities.

Members Term Expires
Barb Werfel April 30, 2021
Tera O'Connor April 30, 2020
Kimberli Peerenboom April 30, 2020
Shari Faber, Chair April 30, 2020
Tamryn Ring April 30, 2020
Ryan Trautsch April 30, 2022
Julie Butz April 30, 2023
Timothy Featherstone April 30, 2021
Gabrielle Berget April 30, 2023
Michelle Bailey April 30, 2020


Every other month on the 3rd Tuesday at 8:30 AM