3rd Wednesday (January, April, July & October) - 2:00 PM

Members   Term Expires

Chief Daniel Pease, Beloit FD

Deputy Chief Joseph Murray (Alternate for Pease)

Daniel Pease Indefinite


Inspector Chief David Thomas Stigler, Beloit PD

Captain Daniel Molland (Alternate for Stigler)

 Inspector Thomas Stigler 9 2020 Indefinite

Chief Ernest Rhodes, Janesville FD (Vice-Chair)

Deputy Chief Bill Ruchti (Alternate for Rhodes)

Rhodes JFD Indefinite

Chief David Moore, Janesville PD

Deputy Chief Todd Kleisner (Alternate for Moore)

DaveMoore Indefinite

Sheriff Troy Knudson, Rock County SO

Chief Deputy Craig Strouse (Alternate for Knudson)

Sheriff Knudson Indefinite

Deputy Chief Brian Snyder, Town of Beloit FD


WrightTBFD 3/27/2022

Chief Randall Pickering, Edgerton FD

Deputy Chief Jason Russ (Alt Pickering)

EFD Pickering 3/27/2022

Chief Brian Raupp, Orfordville Police Dept

Officer Jeremiah Burdick (Alternate for Raupp)

 Raupp 11/15/2022
Chief Tom Kunkel, Town of Fulton Police Dept  Kunkel





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