As a diverse group of stakeholders, we will advocate for and promote a family-centered, strength-based trauma informed system of care that collaborates with youth and families to be safe and successful in the home, school and community. The coordinating committee is comprised of 21 members and shall include representatives from the county department responsible for child welfare and protection services, mental health and alcohol and drug abuse services for children and families, developmental disabilities, the juvenile court administrator or another representative appointed by the judge responsible for hearing these cases, the largest school district in the county and any cooperative educational service agency, special education in the county, at least two parents, and the agency responsible for economic support programs.

Members Term Expires
 John Weber April 30, 2021
 Barb Werfel April 30, 2021
 April Heim April 30, 2021
 Jenna Singer April 30, 2021
 Emily Pelz April 30, 2021
 Vacant April 30, 2021
 Julie Butz, Vice Chair April 30, 2020
 Kimberli Peerenboom April 30, 2020
 Tamryn Ring April 30, 2020
 Shari Faber, Chair April 30, 2020
 Deb Lalor April 30, 2020
 Vacant April 30, 2020
 Gabrielle Berget April 30, 2020
 Denise Stutika April 30, 2022
 Tina Day April 30, 2022
 Ryan Trautsch April 30, 2022
 Dannie Evans April 30, 2022
Vacant April 30, 2022
Melissa Zanzinger April 30, 2019

3rd Tuesday at 8:30 AM every other month