The Rock County Council on Aging Advisory Board's main objectives are to advise and assist the staff of the County Aging Unit and the Education, Veterans & Aging Services Committee (policy body), and to advocate on behalf of the older population living in Rock County, Wisconsin, In doing so, members provide information to the public about the aging experience and about resources for, and within, the aging population. Members assist in representing needs, views and concerns of older individuals in local decision-making and assist older individuals in expressing their views to elected officials and providers of services. Members also serve as the Council on Aging's Nutrition Program Advisory Board. Over 50% of the membership is comprised of individuals over age 60. Other members are advocates for older adults and their family members. Terms are 3 years, with the option of serving two consecutive terms.

Members Term Expires
Supervisor Tom Brien April 21, 2020
Suzanne Rasmussen December 31, 2020
Jean Boyle December 31, 2020
Janice Turner December 31, 2020
Johnny Owens December 31, 2020
Vicky O'Donnell December 31, 2020
Mark Richardson December 31, 2019
Pam Strom December 31, 2019
Charles Wilson December 31, 2019
Vicki Gobel December 31, 2019
Cherie Scholz-Baker December 31, 2019
Patricia Burhans December 31, 2021
Janet Smith December 31, 2021
Robert Borremans December 31, 2021
Sherril Gilbertson December 31, 2021







3rd Wednesday - 9:00 AM