The Committee shall supervise the County Administrator, and have policy supervision over legal matters; inter-governmental coordination; personnel and labor relations; use of the County Seal; program evaluation and development; and conflicts of interest, breeches of ethics and other misconduct in office.  The Committee assists the County Board Chair in policy matters; acts as clearinghouse for action on pending or developing legislation affecting the County, considers recommendations from the various committees; promotes any legislation of benefit to the County; and reviews all proposed changes in the County Board Rules for recommendation to the County Board.

Members Term Expires
Russ Podzilni, Chair April, 2020
Mary Mawhinney. Vice Chair April, 2020
Richard Bostwick April, 2020
Hank Brill April, 2020
Betty Jo Bussie April 2020
Louis Peer April 2020
Alan Sweeney April 2020
Terry Thomas April 2020
Bob Yeomans April 2020






2nd & 4th Tuesday - 4:00 PM