To make an open records request or for more information on this topic, please contact the County Clerk at 608-757-5660 or by email, [email protected].

If the County Clerk’s Office is not the custodian of the public record, the request will be forwarded to the correct office.

For court related requests, contact the Clerk of Circuit Courts' Office directly at 608-743-2200.

Records request exceeding $5.00 require prepayment. Rock County Clerk's Office also charges the actual, necessary, and direct costs for copies of records, which are established as follows:

  • Location costs. When the cost of locating a record exceeds $50.00, the actual, necessary, and direct cost of locating the record will be charged. See Wis. Stat. § 19.35(3)(c).
  • public recordsCopying costs. $0.15 per page for the copying of customary and ordinary 8½ by 11 hard copy records. The requestor may request the copying of a large volume of records on an expedited basis by a bonded copying service in which case if approved by the Department, the requestor would pay the rate charged by the service.
  • IT costs. The County charges $95.00 per hour for the production of a computer record which is not in a readily comprehensible form to obtain the information from the computer database and assemble and reduce such information to written form on paper.
  • Digital formats. The actual cost of purchasing a new digital storage media will be charged to the requestor. Due to security reasons, we will not use digital storage media provided by the requestor.
  • Mailing costs. The actual, necessary and direct cost of mailing or shipping of copies of records shall be paid by the requestor.