The Rock County CJCC brings stakeholders in the criminal justice system and members of the public together on a regular basis to discuss issues affecting the criminal justice system, resolve problems, and plan for the future. It acts in an advisory capacity to the County Board on issues affecting the criminal justice system.

The CJCC participates in the following endeavors: increase communication; make suggestions for more efficient use of resources; make suggestions to provide better outcomes for justice system users, their families, and the public at large; provide ongoing oversight for new or alternative programs; provide coordination across departments and budget areas; eliminate duplication; enhance public safety; and refine and monitor its recommendations for alternatives to incarceration that may help in reducing the average daily population at the jail. 

Members Term Expires
Supervisor Shirley Williams Permanent
Judge Daniel Dillon Permanent
Sheriff Troy Knudson Permanent
David O'Leary Permanent
Kate Luster Permanent
Kelly Mattingly Permanent
Troy Enger Permanent
Ryan Trautsch May 31, 2021
Marc Perry May 31, 2021
Lonnie Brigham Jr. May 31, 2021
Chief David Moore May 31, 2023
Interim Chief Thomas Stigler May 31, 2023
Angela Moore May 31, 2023
Billy Bob Grahn May 31, 2022
William Rankin May 31, 2022
Steve Howland May 31, 2022
Carol Wickersham May 31, 2022
Alternates Term Expires
Supervisor Mary Beaver (for Williams) Permanent
Judge Barbara McCrory (for Dillon) Permanent
Chief Deputy Craig Strouse (for Knudson) Permanent
Anne Nack (for O'Leary) Permanent
Tera O'Connor (for Luster) Permanent
Faun Moses (for Mattingly) Permanent
Jim Neitzel (for Enger) Permanent
Jeremy Brown (for Trautsch) May 31, 2021
Vacant (for Perry) May 31, 2021
Rene Bue (for Brigham). May 31, 2021
Deputy Chief John Olsen (for Chief Moore) May 31, 2023
Captain Dan Molland (for Stigler) May 31, 2023
Amiee Leavy (for A. Moore) May 31, 2023
Vacant (for Grahn) May 31, 2019
Devan Dutra (for Rankin) May 31, 2022
Mike Fallon (for Howland) May 31, 2022
Vacant (for Wickersham) May 31, 2019


3rd Thursday of Each Month
3:00 PM


About the CJCC / Criminal Justice