The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Advisory Council consists of up to 22 members. To the extent practicable, members are geographically diverse and represent a substantive cross-section of elected officials, licensed ambulance operators, emergency response providers, medical professionals, local hospitals and community groups. Members serve 3-year terms. Citizens interested in joining the EMS Advisory Council are encouraged to participate in upcoming meetings.

Members Term Expires
Larry Knuth 9/30/2020
Shelly McGuire 9/30/2020
Brian Becker 9/30/2020
Pastor William Wagner 9/30/2020
Deputy Chief Jim Ponkauskas 9/30/2020
Barry Irmen 9/30/2020
Dr. Kacey Kronenfeld 9/30/2020
Chief Randall Pickering 9/30/2020
Alison Chouinard 9/30/2020
Commander Troy Knudson 9/30/2019
Robert Balsamo 9/30/2019
Supervisor Ron Bomkamp 9/30/2022
Chief John Rindflesch 9/30/2019
Rob Lulling 9/30/2019
Sergeant Shena Kohler 9/30/2019
Gene Wright 9/30/2019
Robert Swenarski 9/30/2019
Steve Ryan 9/30/2021
Jamie Kessenich 9/30/2021
Deputy Chief Joe Murray 9/30/2021
Beth Natter 9/30/2021
Barb Kuska 9/30/2021
Dr. Jay MacNeal 9/30/2021
Deputy Chief Peter Mory 9/30/2021

2nd Thursday (March, June, September, December) - 12:30 PM