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Medicare Supplement

Rock County has endorsed Monumental Life Insurance Company Retiree Medical Plan and a CMS approved Prescription Drug Plan underwritten by Aetna, Inc as an alternative option to the current Rock County retiree medical plan. This lower cost retiree medical and prescription drug program is designed for Rock County retirees and their spouses who are age 65 or older and are on Medicare A and B. Retiree Medical Insurance covers the Medicare A and B deductibles and co-payments as well as Medicare Excess charges not covered by Medicare. There are no yearly or lifetime benefit maximum, no annual deductibles and you have complete freedom of choice of providers. The plan provides immediate coverage with no waiting periods. Pre-existing conditions are covered immediately if you are replacing the Rock County group plan. The current cost of this new plan option is:

  • Medical $255.00 (per person per month)
  • Atena Prescription $142.74 (per person per month)

National Benefits Consultants, Inc., out of Brookfield, Wisconsin, will be sending you a packet of information regarding this plan option. If you are 65 and your spouse isn’t, you can sign up for the new option and your spouse can stay with Rock County. If you elect to enroll in this option, you cannot reinstate your Rock County group plan coverage at a later date.