The County Administrator appoints and supervises all non-elected department heads, and prepares the annual budget for submission to the County Board.

Child Support Enforcement
The Child Support Department administers child support, spousal support, and establishment of paternity programs on behalf of the department pursuant to s. 59.53.

Circuit Court
The mission of the Circuit Court is to protect individual's rights, privileges and liberties, to maintain the rule of law, and to provide a forum for the resolution of disputes that is fair, accessible, independent and effective.

Clerk of Circuit Court
The Clerk of Circuit Court office maintains records of all documents filed with the courts, keeps a record of court proceedings and collects various fees, fines and forfeitures. The Clerk of Circuit Court also establishes and promotes procedures for reasonable access to court records as well as maintains the confidentiality of records as set forth by statute and court order.  The Clerk of Circuit Court is an elected position.

Communications Center
The 911 Communications Center provides 24-hour dispatching services for all law, fire and EMS agencies in Rock County.

Corporation Counsel
Corporation Counsel represents Rock County in all civil litigation and administrative proceedings to which the County is a party. It provides legal service to the Rock County Board of Supervisors, County officials, and County employees acting in official capacity.

Council on Aging
The Council on Aging provides older adults with current information about services, resources and programs that assists people to experience old age with dignity and security. Their services include Nutrition and Meal Programs, Specialized Transit, and Caregiver Resource information.

County Clerk
The Office of the County Clerk provides three major services for the people of Rock County: Election Administration; Legislative Support & Administrative Services; and Licensing.

District Attorney
The District Attorney's office prosecutes state criminal matters, forfeiture actions, state and county traffic code and ordinance violations, Department of Natural Resources violations, juvenile, domestic abuse, and harassment cases. Additionally, the District Attorney operates the Victim/Witness Program which provides support to victims and witnesses of crime.  The District Attorney is an elected position.

Facilities Management 
The Facilities Management Department provides facilities management and maintenance services for County operations, and planning, design, and construction of County buildings.

Financial Services
The Rock County Finance Department provides Accounting, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Services to all County departments.

Human Resources
The Human Resource Department is responsible for attracting, retaining, and developing a diverse and competent workforce that enables County agencies to achieve their business needs.

Human Services
The Human Services Department provides quality, community based services to eligible citizens of Rock County, that protect and improve the quality of life for children and adults, encourage self-sufficiency, promote positive youth development and support independence.

Information Technology
The Rock County Information Technology Department provides computers, information technology and help desk support to all county departments.

Land Conservation
The Land Conservation Department works to promote sustainable land use management for long-term conservation of land, water, and other natural resources of Rock County. These resources support the county's agricultural, industrial, and recreational needs.

Mediation & Family Court Services
The primary purpose of this department is to provide mediation services for family members in dispute over periods of physical placement, legal custody, grandparent visitation, child removal, (moving with the child) or other court actions affecting the family and involving children.

Medical Examiner
The Rock County Medical Examiner's Department investigates and reports on the cause and manner of deaths; determines if a case falls under the Rock County Medical Examiner Department's jurisdiction; and performs related work. 

Planning, Economic & Community Development
The Rock County Planning, Economic & Community Development Department provides technical assistance and oversight, through five service divisions, on various planning and development issues in Rock County, including: Long-range comprehensive and site planning; Development review and monitoring; Administration of home rehabilitation and purchase loans; Geographic information system (GIS) mapping products and services and Economic development activities and opportunities.

Public Health Department
The Rock County Public Health Department provides a wide variety of services, all of which attempt to improve the health of county residents and the environment in which those residents live, work, and play.

Public Works
The Rock County Department of Public Works consists of three divisions, airport, highway and parks. The airport is responsible for directing and maintaining all Southwest Regional Airport activities. The Highway Division is responsible for upgrading, repairing, and maintaining the following County roadways: state highways, county trunk highways, and town highways as requested. The Parks Division is responsible for maintaining all county parks and providing community programs and shelter services for the parks.

Real Property Listor 
The Real Property Description Department is responsible for preparing and maintaining accurate ownership and description information on parcels of real property in Rock County.

Register of Deeds
The Register of Deeds Office provides resources for real estate/land records, and provides birth, death, and marriage certificates.  The Register of Deeds is an elected position. 

Rock Haven
Rock Haven Nursing home provides services and treatments for individuals in need of rehabilitation; the frail elderly; those with behavioral, emotional, and psychiatric needs; and those with developmental disabilities.

Rock County Sheriff's Office
The mission of the Rock County Sheriff's Office is to enhance the quality of life in Rock County by working cooperatively with the public to enforce the law, preserve the peace, reduce the fear of crime, and provide for a safe environment. Also through the effective operations of the Rock County Jail, they provide a safe, secure, and humane environment for those persons committed to their custody.  The Sheriff is an elected position.

The Rock County Surveyor's Office maintains the Public Land survey system and survey records for Rock County and provides technical assistance to other county departments for their survey and mapping needs. The County Surveyor reports to the Director of Planning and Development and to the governing Planning and Development Committee.

The Treasurer's Office maintains property tax records, collects property taxes, and is responsible for transactions affecting delinquent taxes and foreclosures. The County Treasurer provides information and services to local municipal treasurers, assessors, clerks and to the public. The Treasurer is an elected position.

Veterans' Services
The Rock County Veterans Services Department advocates for and provides assistance to all veterans of the U.S. Armed Services, and their dependents and survivors. They ensure that clients obtain all available and appropriate benefits for which they are entitled.