It is the Information Technology department’s responsibility to deliver and support responsive, top-quality, secure, and cost- effective Information Technology (IT) services to meet the needs of all Rock County governmental operations.

Our strategic mission is to align technology initiatives with the needs and missions of Rock County departments. These initiatives include business process-related, computer-related, network-related, and telecommunications-related activities. IT manages multiple types of computers, operating systems, and application software, supporting over 1200 system users at multiple locations and multiple agencies.

Additionally, we support countywide public safety systems and the associated public safety agencies throughout the County that need to connect to and use County systems. IT strives to develop a close partnership with each county department or agency in order to provide clear communications and assistance when information technology issues need to be addressed.

The primary divisions of the IT Department include:


Help Desk

The Help Desk staff provides first tier support for all County users who are confronted with a problem that prevents the user from performing their system-related job duties. Such problems range from difficulties with password resets to general errors that may result from faulty software or hardware. Whenever possible, the Help Desk staff resolves issues during the initial call. However, if need be, the Help Desk directs the call to the most appropriate resource within the IT department, depending on the nature of the problem.

The Help Desk staff also performs Data Center operations duties that include administering the County’s backup media and specialized large-scale printing tasks.


User Support

The primary responsibilities of the User Support staff revolve around the activities that directly help the County’s end users get the most value from investments in end-point devices made by each department. These end-point devices are for the most part desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, printers, scanners, cameras, or other hardware peripherals. Additionally, the User Support Staff is responsible for the entire life-cycle of such devices from the point of installation to the point of decommissioning and recycling.

The User Support staff installs and updates desktop software that includes both enterprise-wide applications (such as Microsoft Office and email) and department-specific applications. The User Support staff conducts IT orientation for all new employees and conducts appropriate training sessions designed to help County users get the most out of hardware and software investments.



The Network staff is responsible for managing both the wired and wireless network infrastructure at all County facilities for both data and voice communications. An essential duty performed by the Network staff is to administer security- related hardware and software components that are used to keep the County’s systems safe from malware, email spam, data theft, and intrusion attempts.

In addition to managing the County’s network cabling, routers, switches, leased communications circuits, and wireless access points, the Network staff manages the installation and configuration of the data center server, data storage, and backup systems.



The Programming staff is responsible for developing applications that are used by County departments for conducting their respective business functions. Whenever possible and practicable, the County favors purchasing off-the- shelf application software. However, in cases where such software does not exist or does not meet the business requirements, the Programming staff develops software solutions that do the job.

Additionally, the Programming staff develops integration solutions that bring together purchased component applications into one system and ensuring that the components function together as a whole. The Programming staff also performs the administration of major purchased software such as the County’s Financial, HR/Payroll, GIS, Document Imaging, Human Services, Nursing Home, and Mobility Transportation systems.

Among the more visible duties of the Programming staff is the management and administration of the County’s public website and the County’s Employee Information Intranet.



The Telephone staff manages and administers the County’s extensive IP-based PBX phone system network and the telephone sets used by all County departments. Related duties include installing new and replacement telephone sets and working with the County’s telephone system support provider and the County’s phone-related telephone circuit providers, including long distance service. The staff works with departments to develop plans for transitioning from older legacy phones to the new IP phone environment.

The Telephone staff also work with their State of WI counterparts in order to make sure that the County’s call center functions well with State systems.


Public Safety Systems

The Public Safety Systems staff provides direct support for all systems and networks used by the County’s 911 Communications Center, the Sheriff’s Office, and the law enforcement, fire, and emergency medical service agencies that use essential systems and networks as shared services. Among the most notable countywide shared applications supported by this staff include the 911 Computer-aided Dispatch, Law Records, Mobile Data, and Mobile Network systems. Additionally, the Public Safety Systems staff lends expertise whenever possible to support the public safety agencies in all of the municipalities within Rock County.

The Public Safety staff also provides dedicated on-site user and systems support for both the 911 Communications Center and the Sheriff’s Office.


IT Administration

The IT Administration staff provides strategic systems planning and prioritization help for all County departments, including aiding with the development of technology-related budget requests for County departments. The IT Administration staff acts as the systems procurement agent for County departments and manages technology vendor relationships. The staff also maintains department-wide records and coordinates projects that span the various disciplines that make up the respective domains of all IT departmental divisions. Additionally, the IT Administration staff provides HIPAA-related security services for all County departments.