Rock County PACE Program (Purchase of Agricultural Conservation Easements)

The purpose of the PACE Program is to protect and preserve productive agricultural lands in the unincorporated areas of the County through the acquisition of an agricultural conservation easement. Willing, eligible agricultural landowners retain ownership and private use, but the potential future use of their land is limited to the terms of the perpetual easement and may not be developed or subdivided. The compensation for the easement value comes through a combination of allocated federal and county funds and a tax-deductible donation by the landowner. There is also an option for a landowner to permanently protect their property by agreeing to the perpetual easement terms and donating 100% of the easement value.

The eligibility criteria, application standards and selection process were designed by a diverse committee representing many interests in the county to promote and encourage a strong agricultural economy, intergovernmental cooperation, and a regional land use plan throughout the County.


Fact Sheets

Program Manual

Application Period:  June 1 - August 31, 2020

Please contact Andrew Baker at 608-754-6617 ext. 4755 or [email protected]  for more information.

Additional Information

A majority of the funding for the PACE program is obtained through a cooperative agreement with the USDA.  Therefore, a local application for PACE must also meet federal program requirements.

Natural Resources Conservation Service - Agricultural Conservation Easement Program (ACEP)

For further information on the Rock County PACE Program, please contact Andrew Baker, County Conservationist, at 608-754-6617 ext 4755 or [email protected] .